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What do you call your condom?

A Condom by Any Other Name….

Sex is a universal activity.  Regardless of nationality, it is a natural and healthy activity in our lives.  Safer sex is also something that people around the world strive to achieve, either to reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy or aid in the prevention of a sexually transmitted infection (STI).  A combination of historical events, openness about sexual health, and social mores of different cultures have resulted in many unique names for a condom.  

Condoms Around the World

There are many different words and phrases to describe a condom. Some of the more unique slangs for a condom are listed here:


  • The longest word for a condom is from Denmark.  Imagine going into a pharmacy asking for a box of svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel!!!!   Thankfully they are also referred to as gummimand, a word that translates into rubberman.   


  • England calls condoms a French Letter – a reference that goes back to the Anglo-Saxon wars and rise of STIs


  • France uses the phrase English Cap for similar reasons why the English say French Letters


  • Penis Cap derives from Nigeria and the word okpuamu.  Many early condoms throughout history literally covered the head of the penis only; hence the cap.


  • Bulletproof Vest is from the word Pei dang vi in Hong Kong.


  • Germany is creative with Naughty Bags!  Condoms are referred to as lumelle, which is naughty bags in English.  Or they just ask for kondoms!


  • Portugal has Venus Shirts.  The God of Love seems to make sense when a condom is involved.


  • Hungary uses ovsver which means safety tool. Makes sense!


  • South Korea also calls condoms love and necessity.  Sounds great!


  • Chinese slang for condom is baoxian.  This translates into insurance glove

Interestingly, no matter the country, so many of the slang terms refer to safety and protection.  This is an integral part of the condom’s history.  At 98% effectiveness when used properly, condoms are a fantastic way to help make sex safer for all!

Practicing Safer Sex

Regardless of what you call a condom, just use one!   The “No Glove, No Love” slogan from the 1980s still rings true today. Help protect yourself and your partner during sexual activities by using a condom or oral barrier. Safer Sex can be fun!  

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