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Lubricants for Sexual Wellness

The wide array of options for different lubricants for sexual activities can leave one confused or, worse yet, choosing the wrong lube for the usage needed.  Lubricants are for more than just vaginal dryness.  Lubricants can help increase pleasure, delay ejaculation, and reduce friction, thereby aiding in safer sex practices.   Lubes come in a variety of types and navigating which one is right for you is easier with a bit of information.


Why Use Lube?

Lube is often used to combat vaginal dryness, to aid in increasing sexual pleasure, for anal sex, and also for use with sex toys.  Why you are using lube is important so that you can choose the correct product for the act.  The vagina creates its own lubricant as an integral part of its function.  But the amount created can vary by person, health, medications, age, and a number of other factors.  The anus does not create any fluids as it is not a part of its function.  The thinner tissues around the anus and in the rectum can lead to microscopic tears.  Using lubricants for anal sex can help reduce this from happening while making the experience more pleasurable.  


Types of Lubes


Lubricants come in a few different types. The main types of lubricant are water based, silicone based, oil based, a hybrid of the water and silicone, and some natural types.  Lubricants also come in different flavors. It is best to use flavored lubricants for external sex acts as they often have sugar or additives that can affect the PH level of the vagina, causing yeast infections, no different than flavored condoms. Lubes are available in liquids, creams and gels.  

Water Based Lube


Water Based Lube: 

  • Is made with water as its main ingredient. 
  • The thickness can vary but it is usually on the thinner side.
  • The water base makes it easy to clean after but you may need to use more as it can dry out quicker than other types.  
  • Water based lubricants can be used with latex condoms, non-latex condoms, nitrile Female Condoms, Silicone Sex Toys, and both Latex and Polyisoprene Dams.

Silicone Based Lube

Silicone Based Lube: 

  • Is made with silicone as its main ingredient. 
  • This is a thicker type of lube that is great for anal sex as it is thicker, more slippery and longer lasting than water based.  
  • Silicone lube can be more difficult to clean and can stain clothing and sheets. 
  • Silicone lubricants can be used with latex condoms, non-latex condoms, nitrile Female Condoms, and both Latex and Polyisoprene Dams.  
  • DO NOT use silicone lube with silicone sex toys as it will degrade and damage the toys.  

Oil Based Lube

Oil Based Lube:  

  • These lubricants are made with either natural or synthetic oils as their base.  
  • They cannot be used with Latex of any variety as they will break it down.  
  • They can be used with non-latex and nitrile condoms.
  • Avoid baby oil or petroleum jelly with latex as well

Explore Your Options

It is always best to test out a bit of lube before using for the first time. You can do this on your inner forearm for a sensitivity test, or even place a bit in or around your vagina or on the tip of your penis.   Lubricants are available at pharmacies, adult shops, online, Public Health facilities, many school union offices or wellness centres, and even some grocery stores to list just a few.  They range in availability from single use foils to larger bottles.  Try different brands and types to see what works best for you!  As they say, “Wetter is Better!”








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