Safe Sex
Condoms are cheaper than diapers!!!

Using a condom is easy.  And smart!  But if you want them to work then you need to use them properly and EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE SEX.






Latex Allergy Signs and Symptoms



STI’s on the Rise for the Elderly

Larry Siegel, Sexologist, Professor, and radio host of a weekly program called Sex Talk, says that the prevalence of Viagra and no risk of pregnancy has led to rampant unprotected sex in retirement homes.


Folks over 60 have the lowest condom usage and are gaining the highest increase in STIs in the country.



STI’s Are Not Awesome:

Jessica Ladd is the founder of Sexual Health Innovations, an organization that uses technology to improve sexual health. She believes we can work on eliminating STI’s with communication, prevention and awareness



How Condoms are Made:

From a rubber tree to condom……and all the steps in between.



Condoms for Safety and Pleasure:

MK Goh, CEO of Karex, speaks about the evolution of condoms from just safety to both safety and pleasure.



How talking about sex could end STI’s  

Teodora Elvira Wi, World Health Organization Medical Officer,  has seen alarming statistics on STI’s which she shares in her talk. As Wi says — “Imagine a world when STI’s are treated just like any other infection. This is the world I want to live in! To make this world, we urgently need to have open and stigma-free conversation about sex.”