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Lubricated Condoms Bulk - Caution Wear Classic

What's in your toolbox?


Premium quality lubricated condom. Lubricated Clear Classic Shaped Latex Condom Plain, parallel-sided, N-9 FREE, transparent in color (clear latex color), with reservoir tip, lubricated with ultra smooth silicon-based lubricant and 100% electronically tested.


Quality Standard: Conforms with ISO9002, EN ISO4074-2002 and CE.

Size: Flat width >= 53mm, Length >= 180mm, Latex thickness = 0.070mm, Reservoir tip = 15mm.


1 to 7 cases $99.95/case
8 to 20 cases $94.50/case

Sold in cases of 1000.

Contact us at [email protected] for a free quote.

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